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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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Craig Larson


In the 1970's computer scientists developed the theory of computational complexity. Some problems seemed hard-to-compute, while others were easy. It turned out that many of the hard problems were equally hard in a way that could be precisely specified. They became known as the NP-complete problems. The SATISFIABILITY problem (SAT) was the first problem to be proved NP-complete in 1971. Since then numerous other hard-to-solve problems have been proved to be in NP-complete. In this paper we will examine the problem of how to find a maximum independent set of vertices for a graph. This problem is known as Maximum Independent Set (MIS) for a graph. The corresponding decision problem for MIS is the question, given an integer K, is there a independent set with at least K vertices? This decision problem is INDEPENDENT SET (IS). The intention of this paper is to show through polynomial transformation that IS is in the set of NP-complete Problems. We intend to show that 3SAT is NP-complete and then using this fact, that IS is NP-complete.


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September 2011