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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Artist Statement I am inspired by historical images that depict the struggle and triumph of African American women. As I think about myself as an artist, and a woman of color, I am reminded of the rich visual heritage of my culture. However, I am perplexed with the representations in the media of hair and skin care, and social issues of urban black women. The negative, idealized, and stereotypical images are not a true representation of each individual African American woman. My response to these images incorporates a study of self-characterization, personal experiences, racial distortions, and black female iconography. In my prints, I portray a combination of traditional and contemporary African symbols and contemporary images of African American women. The printmaking process allows me to layer in images and symbols that reveal a connection of past and present imagery. The ability to layer and produce multiple prints allows me to develop a series of works with a variety of cultural symbols and messages.


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November 2011