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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Artist Statement My art has a common thread of transformation and renewal. It is often my response to the many different changing cycles in life, whether seasonal, emotional, or the process of aging. In addition, the spiritual connections to my faith and family are embedded into many of the works which tell a story of my life and my ever searching soul. Revelations of myself over time and the transformation of thoughts are visually exposed. However, they are revealed with a keen eye and hand which are meant to reach out to the viewer, so they may be transformed and discover something unique within themselves. My foundation in graphic design is clearly evident in my artwork. Fundamental design elements such as color, balance, movement, and texture are grounded into my sculptures and paintings. Similar imagery and design elements reappear throughout my work. Red, orange, copper, and gold recur in much of the work, often balanced with the cooler hues of blue and green. The emotionality of the warm palette reflects my Irish temperament and my identity as a redhead. My peaceful and calm nature can be seen in the cool colors. Sometimes, color is absent and only white is used which reflects periods where emotions are suspended and apprehension is present.


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November 2011