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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership

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Gary Sarkozi


The purpose of this study was to collect data about engagement and involvement around technology issues by principals in Virginia. Virginia public school administrators were surveyed using the Principals Technology Leadership Assessment (PTLA) instrument and results compared to the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A) (ISTE, 2002). This study, though limited in scope, provided meaningful data for research. The study reflects that despite 10 years of having NETS-A in place, Virginia public school administrators are barely meeting minimum standards in five out of the six dimensions. The study correctly looked at the old NETS-A standards but resulted in a call for action to meet the new NETS-A standards. Schools of education in Virginia could modify their coursework for public school administrator preparation to account for the areas of weakness as identified from the results of this study. Virginia public school divisions could address these weaknesses through directed staff development. The results of this study indicate, when compared to the 2001 study, little or no progress has been made in the area of public school administrator engagement and involvement in technology issues. The Virginia professional associations for public school administrators need to provide, measure, and help change the attitudes about technology standards. Individually, school principals need to step up and realize that engagement with technology is an important aspect of being a school leader.


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December 2011