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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Mary Virginia Cullen


Artist Statement I am inspired by living in multiple environments and experiencing many regions of the United States. My imagery varies from references to landscapes to geometric abstractions of quilt patterns. My media consists of acrylics, oils, and pastels on supports including fabric, canvas, or paper. Mixed media allows me to add multiple layers in creating visual textures, depth, and energy to draw in my viewers. The media is glazed, flowed, dripped, sprayed, rolled, scraped, and scrubbed into my interpretations of natural elements and geometric patterns. My landscape paintings are of observations of nature, and I attempt to capture the power, motion, and energy of a moment in time. I paint from memory and purposely filter the images, simplifying and strengthening the focus of the captured moment. Rhythmic patterns in nature and seasonal light on the land are sources of my visual stimulation. My affinity for geometric shapes and patterns is sometimes expressed in abstract paintings of quilt patterns. I form rhythmic compositions and enhance the patterns with delicate brushwork and several glazed layers for added surface interest. These patterns of quilts are also reminiscent of landscapes from a bird’s eye view.


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March 2012