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Karan Replogle


This study examined the cytotoxic effects of STERIPLEX™ HC (sBioMed, Orem, UT) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) on human fibroblast cells in vitro. Fibroblasts exposed to various concentrations of NaOCl or STERIPLEX™ HC were visualized via light microscopy. Dilutions of either NaOCl or STERIPLEX™ HC that did not appear to disrupt the integrity of the cells were recorded for further analysis. Cells were then cultured and grown to confluence in five separate plates. A void was created down the middle of each plate. If the cells were viable, cellular confluence was seen. If nonviable, confluence of the cells did not occur. Both disinfectants showed absolute kill at all concentrations above 1%. The cells treated with 0.1% NaOCl were found to be nonviable. However, at 0.1% STERIPLEX™ HC, the cells were viable and able to replicate, filling the void and returning to confluence.


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