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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Artist Statement My work is about finding a balance between the natural environment and the challenges of our man made environment. A sunrise may spark my inspiration during my morning commute but then an intense flow of traffic disturbs the tranquil setting. I explore these contrasting and conflicting elements of harmony and discord in my work. To address these conceptual issues, I create visual tensions between form and color. The evidence of my physical process is recorded in my work. Harmonious elements are referred to through my use of complementary color and form. I use pure hues, gestural line, and texture to refer to the discordant features in my environment. I begin by intuitively applying color and line to create abstracted shapes and visual relationships. Then, I apply textures using gestural and impasto techniques. My application of pigments and marks allows some of the underlying layers of paint to be revealed. These layers refer to struggle between harmony and discord that I see in my environment.


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April 2012