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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


The evidence of nature’s power of reclamation is something that is both symbolically and aesthetically captivating to me. I am intrigued when I see the visual effects of deterioration on manufactured items and the natural environment. From that deterioration, I have adopted a unique aesthetic through which I explore both manmade and natural remnants of the industrial age. My ceramic forms resemble antiquated machine parts and represent relics of the industrial machine. Photographically, I capture the simple beauty found in landscapes altered by man. My representation of the imagery is austere, the muted color stains and textured surfaces are symbolic representations of their deterioration. I work with a variety of hand building techniques to create my sculptures. After firing, I treat the surfaces with oxides and patinas to give the final artworks a deteriorated exterior appearance. I use a similar aesthetic when altering my photographic images. Through digital processing, I build a varied surface of textures and stains to give each image an archaic appearance.


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April 2012