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Objective: To examine whether self-assessment of videotaped surgeries helps improve periodontal residents’ ergonomics. Methods: Residents (n=8) provided self-assessments of their own ergonomics while performing periodontal surgery using a questionnaire with open and closed items. Results were analyzed using quantitative and qualitative means. Results: Comparison of responses resulted in a change between Pre-video Surgery 1 and PSV1 (p<0.05) and between the three occasions for flat foot and horizontal shoulder positions (p<0.05). Resident goals were most numerous for improving positions of shoulder, back and neck and most notable responses for failure to achieve goals were the need for surgical access and being too focused the procedure. Conclusions: Videotape review is a valid means of self-assessment. Intervention solely in the form of a questionnaire and videotape review was insufficient in its ability to change the residents’ ergonomics. Barriers to implementation of proper ergonomics were identified.


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