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Master of Science


Physics and Applied Physics

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Dexian Ye


Patterned silver (Ag) columnar nanorods were prepared by the glancing angle physical vapor deposition method. The Ag columnar nanorods were grown on a Si (100) substrate patterned with posts in a square “lattice” of length 1 μm. An electron beam source was used as the evaporation method, creating the deposition flux which was oriented 85˚ from the substrate normal. A Dimension Icon with NanoScope V controller atomic force microscope was used to measure the spring constant in 10 nm increments along the long axis of five 670 nm long Ag nanorod specimens. The simple beam bending model was used to analyze the data. Unexpected behavior of the spring constant data was observed which prevented a conclusive physically realistic value of the Young’s modulus to be calculated.


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May 2012

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