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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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J. Paul Brooks


Finding the optimal solution for the call-center scheduling problem can be done by using Microsoft Excel with an integer programming software add-in. Utilizing VBA, we are able to vary start, break, and lunch times as well as number of employees. By creating a list of all possible schedules that follow these requirements, we use the optimization engine to solve for the best possible combination of individual schedules. Custom programs for optimization such as this are becoming a vital part of the world today as decisions need to be made quickly. This flexible and easy to use scheduling tool saves time and effort while creating peace of mind knowing that the best possible solution has been found. Using this tool, we are able to decrease the amount of time to create schedules from approximately 15 hours of manual work to 25.2 seconds. Additionally, we are able to improve the accuracy of meeting the forecast – guaranteeing all manpower demand is met with an efficient and reliable tool. Accuracy, efficiency, and reliability are traits that anyone could wish for, and this tool makes that possible.


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May 2012