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Student-athletes often miss class due to travel and competitions (Diersen, 2005; F. Wiseman, personal communication, September 30, 2010; Hosick, 2010; NCAA On-line, 2008; Rhatigan, 1984). Missing class is negatively associated with grades (Park & Kerr, 1990; Romer, 1993; Schmidt, 1983). Therefore, as classroom instruction time is replaced by athletic-related commitments, student-athletes may be negatively affected academically. As technological advancements continue to evolve, it is possible to mitigate the effects of missed class time. One such technology being employed in 2012 is lecture capture. This case study examined the academic effect of lecture capture on student-athletes at Big Time University using a mixed-method approach with an online questionnaire, individual interviews, and a focus group. Findings indicate that 52.7% (n=19) of student-athletes who participated in the questionnaire are accessing recorded lectures, 60% (n=18) reported lecture capture had made learning more enjoyable and 92.9% (n=39) reported that their grades had improved since having had access to recorded lectures. Additionally, participants reported preferring to have class recordings available, even if they choose not to watch them, as they provide a sense of security. Lastly, student-athletes reported to prefer physically being in the classroom and that recorded lectures should only be used as a supplement, not a replacement, for classroom lectures. Themes, implications, and areas for future research are discussed.


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