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Master of Fine Arts



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Christiana Lafazani

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Camden Whitehead


This thesis documents the design process for an out-patient mental health facility for veterans of war. Here are some questions that drove my design work. How are stories told in design? How are stories generated from users within a designed space? Can users participate in contributing to a space's design? Many structures create psychological stories through graphics, color, and layout to involve users in their procedures. For example, commercial retailers will setup a story line to promote a more personalized connection with their customers which encourages repeat business, while places of worship also use this narrative strategy to evoke a spiritual experience. Many historical museums are also terrific examples of involving people in a story line to explain their contents. Thus, spaces can also tell stories and involve occupants within these set story lines, but this document and the resulting designed space explore the potential for interior design to generate stories from its users.


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May 2012