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Camden Whitehead


In a centrally located area in the city of Richmond, the youth hostel that I propose provides young people and backpackers a suitable place to stay while enjoying their journey in the historical city of Richmond. The youth hostel offers inexpensive overnight lodging and other amenities they can use for themselves such as self-serve kitchens, laundtry rooms, etc. Something that is worth mentioning, the youth hostel's site is also close by the Richmond Visitor Center. It can offer travelers some travel information or souvenir venue. Furthermore, with the distinguished site, there is another characteristic. That is, the building was built in 1963 and it represents the International Building Style. The Jackson Ward community primariry consists of tra-ditional architecture style buildings, such as Italianate and Second Empire styles. The building for this project is the only modern structure. This makes it stand out and give the impression of an emotionless institution. Therefore, there is no doubt that the International Style building holds a place in this community. So, how can the community embrace this site? How do the characteristics of Jackson Ward integrate with my building? And how can the archi-tectural style of this building relate better and warm up to the residents? By transforming the residential design elements in Jackson Ward Area, my endeavor is not only to create a welcoming youth hostel inside the building but also to introduce Richmond's history and famous spots to travelers. While more people visit the youth hostel, more people will know about Jackson Ward, and the city of Richmond.


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May 2012