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Master of Fine Arts



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Roy McKelvey

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Sandra Wheeler

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Rab McClure


From fleeting interactions to long affairs, our relationships with things are diverse and complex. Like people, designed objects and environments are close companions in our lives. The way we understand and engage with artifacts is parallel to the way we interpret and interact with each other. A constant source of comfort and delight, frustration and anxiety, their personalities inform our everyday dialogues and experiences. Designed artifacts assume engaging and pleasurable personalities when they transcend materials, challenge perceptions, and garner active, reflective interactions. Through the investigation of familiar materials such as concrete, crayons, paper, sequins, and thread in unfamiliar formats and contexts, I am creating objects that are playful in construction and interaction. By imbuing objects with friendly and intriguing personalities, everyday interactions and experiences with these objects are elevated, as users invest in pleasurable forays and relationships.


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