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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Painting

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Tapia Javier

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Holly Morrison

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Christine Gray


The written component of my thesis will take the form of an extended artist statement in which I discuss all six paintings included in my thesis exhibition. A major theme of my work is sexuality, specifically female sexuality. This thesis will begin by looking at the three miniature paintings that spearheaded the investigation of this theme. I will examine the generalized and personal feminist symbolism that these paintings contain. The two works that followed the miniatures are depictions of sexual interactions between my husband and myself. I will explain the significance of my depictions and relate them to the work of contemporary painters who deal with the same subject matter. The last painting in this series is a seven by eight foot landscape. I will explain how it relates to my figurative work and why nature has a constant presence in all of my paintings. Lastly, I will clarify why the lighting and composition of my paintings takes the form of traditional stage sets.


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May 2012

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