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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Ceramics

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Andrea K. Connell


What if every craving that you ever felt stayed with you forever? Suppose facades couldn’t exist, and what should only be the deepest, densest core of a desire was formed into a mass, a body. Its will matching yours in its physical presence. I make creatures that are embodiments of emotions. In this study I mainly focus on desires and inhibitions surrounding romance. I explore anatomical structures and how material make-up can directly reflect emotional character. In this exploration, the materiality of clay allows for a thorough manipulation of the composition of the creatures. In this I am also able to manipulate the material properties of clay to reflect states of existential discomfort, pushing the limits of material structure and stability. The final presentation of these creatures are as specimens of inhibitions, drawing in the viewer with empathy and repulsion as a fantastic other.


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May 2012

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