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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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Rebecca Segal


An agent based model was developed to examine the growth of a tumor in a healthy cell population. Response to radiation and impact of mutation and bystander effects were studied. In the growth model, the cancer cells proliferated outward becoming invasive. The mass of cancer cells developed a necrotic core. Various treatment protocols of radiation were compared. Timing of treatments was critical to the success of therapy. The event of mutation was rare. When mutation occurred, either unsuccessful treatment or re-growth could result. Multiple rounds of radiation potentially led to increased mutation. Low levels of the bystander effect had little impact on the overall behavior of the system when considered alone and in combination with mutation. Higher levels of bystander effect and increased affected area resulted in significant cell death. Increasing the radius of the bystander effect in combination with mutation resulted in large numbers of mutation and unsuccessful treatment.


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July 2012