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Master of Science


Environmental Studies

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Paul Bukaveckas


Analysis of continuous monitoring water quality data (temperature, specific conductivity, depth, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity) at two locations in a tidal freshwater creek (Kimages Creek) characterized seasonal variation and responses to short-term events. Supplemental water quality measurements were collected to describe longitudinal variations in the creek. There were significant differences in water quality between the two continuous monitoring stations (one tidal and unforested, the other non-tidal and forested) over varying time scales. Rain events showed increases in turbidity, depth and dissolved oxygen, and reductions in temperature, conductivity, and pH at both stations. Tides influenced the water quality at the downstream monitoring station, but there were also influences at the upstream site despite the presence of beaver impoundments. At the downstream station, changes in conductivity and pH were linked to the tidal cycle while temperature and dissolved oxygen were linked to a diel cycle but also responded to tidal influence.


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August 2012