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Master of Science


Biomedical Engineering

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David Simpson

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Gary Bowlin


Tissue engineering scaffolds come in many shapes and sizes, however, due to difficulty manufacturing the microstructure architecture required in tissue engineering, most scaffolds are architecturally non-dynamic in nature. Because the microstructural architecture of all biological tissues is inherently complicated, non-dynamic tissue engineering scaffolds tend to be a poor platform for tissue regeneration. The current method for manufacturing dynamic tissue engineering scaffolds involves electrospinning successive layers of different fibers, an approach that exhibits no fiber transition between layers and subsequent delamination problems. In this study we aim to address the design challenges of tissue engineering scaffolds through our novel integrated fiber electrospinning technique. Developed in our lab, this electrospinning technique makes it possible to manufacture complex electrospun scaffolds tailorable to specific tissue engineering needs while minimizing delamination tendencies. Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of the tissue engineering field by increasing the manufacturable scaffold complexity and overall structural integrity of electrospun scaffolds.


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August 2012