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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


Urban and Regional Planning

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Avrum Shriar


Transfer of development rights has been approved as a tool to manage growth in Virginia since 2006, yet it has not been widely employed. This tool can be used to direct growth and development at little or no cost to society while simultaneously preserving land for future generations. In an effort to understand the limited use of transfer of development rights programs in Virginia, this research collected information regarding obstacles and limitations to TDR program development and implementation, from every locality in the Commonwealth authorized to employ this tool. Based on findings of pertinent TDR literature, this research outlines the environment in which policy in Virginia is being developed as well as obstacles and limitations facing localities in developing TDR ordinances. Findings show that localities perceive several obstacles to program implementation and that certain socio-economic characteristics may have an impact on TDR program development in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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