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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Working mainly from my own photographs, I paint friends in the local music scene. Their beauty, expressions, and unique personalities are the focus of my stylized portraits. I attempt to accurately record my subjects by using non-naturalistic colors in a small range of values. These images contain both abstract and figurative elements, and reveal a combination of far away and close-up views. Each painting is designed to capture a single fleeting moment. I provide precious glances into the lives of those people who help mold and nurture Washington, D.C.’s music community. In addition to my paintings, I use the ancient symbol of the heart to complement my chain maille jewelry designs. I draw on the heart symbol to represent love and spirituality. My jewelry is centered on memories that bring me joy and inspiration. Through examination of these private moments, I reflect on my experiences. My works on canvas and in metal have given me the opportunity to deepen the understanding of myself. I believe my art stems from the people that I know best and the events that have shaped my life existence.


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November 2012