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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Art has taught me to treasure family history. Since childhood, I have loved looking through my grandparents’ memorabilia, especially old family photos and my grandmother’s jewelry box. I have always admired my grandparents and recognized their unique gifts and artistic talents. I keep their memories, stories, and sayings alive through my artwork. My symbolic work consists of illuminated sculptural pieces as well as intimate jewelry designs. I work in precious metal clay (PMC), glass, sterling silver, crystals, precious stones, and photographs to create personal and unique reminders of people and places. Through my work, I want to inspire others to appreciate their own family histories. I want my audience to realize we need to love, appreciate, and accept one another for who we are and cherish the moments we have together. I want others to recognize the legacy we all leave behind.


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November 2012