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Art History

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Charles Brownell


The aim of this research is to present an important but forgotten Tiffany interior, that of All Saints Episcopal Church, and focuses on the source for the Saunders memorial window, Christ Resurrection. After portraying the Saunders Family and the context of the window and church interior as an important part of Richmond’s history, this thesis sets up a number of inquiries regarding Christ Resurrection. What are the literary sources; what are the formal sources, from the Renaissance to the late nineteenth century; and what is the meaning of the composition? This thesis utilizes an art historical method of archival, connoisseurial, and iconological research. The analysis of the third chapter illustrates that Frederick Wilson’s composition of Christ Resurrection does not follow any one of the Evangelists. Rather it comes from an extensive pictorial tradition from Resurrection scenes of the 14th century leading into the 17th.


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November 2012