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Master of Science


Clinical Psychology

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Michael Southam-Gerow


Identification of evidence-based treatments (EBTs) has been an important development; however recently, some shortcomings of the approach have been highlighted. These complexities have led to a surge in transportability research in mental health services science with goals of identifying needed strategies to encourage the adoption of innovations. The mental health system ecological (MHSE) model is an approach necessary to assist with closing this gap effectively as it integrates mental health contexts: client-level, provider-level, intervention-specific, service delivery, organizational, and service system characteristics. The aim of this study is to use the MHSE model to examine perspectives of mental health stakeholders on their needs. Data consists of qualitative transcripts from parent, therapist, and administrator interviews/focus groups. Mixed methods were used to develop and analyze codes according to the MHSE model. Results suggested that stakeholder groups mentioned needs relevant to the group of interest and thus have implications for future dissemination efforts.


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November 2012