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Master of Arts


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sally Bowring

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Sara Clark

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Edward Howard


The wearing effects of being overworked and in somewhat poor health are reflected in my paintings, ceramic work, and mixed media pieces. I use old and dilapidated materials such as window frames, instrument cases, and wood to symbolically address my physical and emotional states. I reuse items from the past that show a sense of fatigue, tattered edges, and deterioration. Like these objects I felt run down, old, and at times, useless. However, I am comforted by the idea that old objects can, with some care, regain new life. I have discovered I seek my own rejuvenation through my creativity. As a means of releasing anger and frustration toward my fading health, I create assemblages of wilted flowers, encaustic hourglass forms, and mixed media teapots. I also create clay vessels that appear to be deteriorating and encapsulate objects in encaustic medium. Items that belonged to my relatives serve as a metaphor for my genetic illnesses. Searching for answers, living in the present, and maintaining hope are things I carry with me on my artistic journey to find a sense of self worth and to overcome disease.


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March 2013