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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


I was born the only American in my West Indian, Guyanese family. My culture played a large part in how I was brought up, and in turn, shaped the person and artist I have become. In my work, I like for my viewers to get a personal feel for what it is like to be West Indian American. My work is a cultural record of people, places, and things. I capture small, special moments because I know that they will never be recreated. My camera’s viewfinder has always been filtered through my eye as a child of immigrant parents. I use photography as my first step in creating and recording ordinary, everyday things. Photographs are captured where I feel most American eyes would by-pass or overlook their importance. However, my work must also involve my hand. Therefore, through my mark making, whether I am drawing, painting, collaging, stitching or using software, I add and subtract from my original photos. By manipulating my images, I change and emphasize a single, fleeting moment into something permanent and significant.


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March 2013