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Bhavna Shroff


The objective of this study was to evaluate parents’ preferences of the appearance and attire of orthodontists. Six subjects were asked to pose for photographs wearing various combinations of attire (casual, scrubs, white coat, formal), hairstyle and nametag. Survey participants were presented with choice sets and asked to select the most and least preferred provider photographs. A total of 77 parents of orthodontic patients participated in the computer-based survey. The results indicated that there were significant differences due to provider sex (P = 0.0013), provider age (P < .0001), dress (P < .0001), nametag (P = 0.0065) and hair (P < .0001). The most preferred providers were the younger female and the older male. Formal attire or scrubs was the most preferred style of dress. There was also a preference for the use of a nametag and for the provider to have his/her hair in a controlled style.


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