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Bhavna Shroff


Text message reminders have proven effective for positive behavioral changes in medicine, but their influence on oral hygiene compliance has never been tested. This study aimed to determine if text message reminders about oral hygiene have an influence on the level of compliance. In this prospective randomized controlled clinical trial, 42 orthodontic patients were assigned to a text message or control group. Parents of patients assigned to the text message group received a reminder text message one weekday each week. Oral hygiene compliance was measured using bleeding index, modified gingival index, plaque index, and visual examination of white spot lesion development at baseline (T0), two appointments after baseline (T1), and four appointments after baseline (T2). Bleeding index, modified gingival index, and plaque index scores were significantly lower in the text message group than the control group at T2. A text message reminder system is effective for improving oral hygiene compliance in orthodontic patients.


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