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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Lightness and darkness pervades much of my work which is visible in images of abandoned, secluded spaces. Light symbolizes hope and joy. It can also reference the spiritual connotation of new life as well as the end of life. The physical movement of light, its ephemeral quality, and its reflectivity is the deciding factor in my choice for using a camera without a lens and using traditional painting techniques. In my photographic mixed media work, I am drawn to the unique qualities of the pinhole camera, the exposure of light on the surface of film yields imagery that blurs the line between the familiar and the ethereal. Exposures from a pinhole camera materialize over time, perhaps seconds, perhaps minutes. There is no viewfinder to preview the image, which makes capturing an image pleasingly accidental. In my oil painting, I use photographic references and a limited palette. Much like my photographs, I create areas of light juxtaposed against deep shadow. The processes of using overlapping layers of transparent glazes over a warm-toned ground are used to achieve this chiaroscuro effect. By using these approaches, a sense of the dramatic is conveyed sometimes in contrast to the quiet nature of the subject.


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May 2013