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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My paintings, sculptural work, photography, and mixed media pieces represent aspects of journeys. These journeys are presented as literal, physical, and psychological. I find myself impacted by recent journeys which have evolved into abstracted pieces representing a new life passage, motherhood. Creating this work helps me to express the surrounding beauty I continue to encounter. Collectively, these journeys unify my metaphorical journey through life. The process of making my art is also a journey. My images shift and transform through the process of development. I work with a variety of materials including watercolor, acrylic, paper, textured paste, plaster, and photographic images on canvas. Layering and applying various materials to create texture becomes an instinctive act. More planned is my use of color, which signifies steps in my journey, such as violet indicating transformation, red implying excitement, and yellow showing joy.


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May 2013