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Coworking spaces have proliferated in the last several years. They reflect a change in how we work, how we learn and how we connect. Coworking is a story of change. There is a large spectrum of types of coworking spaces. Some are minimal offering only an open room with desks and chairs, while others function as mini-cities. Regardless of the size or scope of a coworking facility, what drives the success is the community. This is an exploration on how design creates community. Through my research, I discovered the importance of the 3rd place in supporting the success of a community. The places where we linger, where we reflect, where an introduction is made. It is the informal meeting areas, the coffee shops and water coolers19. It is where we look away from a screen and let our minds wander. As a designer, it is important to design a space which operates efficiently AND create spaces for impromptu conversations to occur. Base upon my research, case studies and design explorations, I designed BUILD, a coworking space where people can gather together to work and learn from each other. Providing the city of Richmond with a creative and entrepreneurial hub. Where an architect sits next to a programmer, next to a journalist and graphic designer. A space of progress and education. In a sense, a new type of university. It is about building brands, building businesses and building networks. BUILD RVA.


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