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Master of Science


Counseling Psychology

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Marilyn Stern


Evidence suggests that caregiver health affects patient health. Consistent with the Biopsychosocial Model, mental health (anxiety, depression, satisfaction with life, self-esteem), physical health (bodily pain, general health, performance in physical role, physical functioning), burden, and social support were examined in the present study to understand the relations between these variables and the overall health of 81 caregivers of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Mexico. The relation between mental health and physical health was significant. Canonical correlations revealed that depression and general health emerged as primary variables and these were entered into a series of analyses with burden and social support as potential moderating variables. No significant moderations were detected. Hierarchical multiple regressions showed significant relations between demographic and physical health variables, and three mental health outcomes: anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Further research should consider the relations between mental health and physical health in the context of Latino culture.


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May 2013