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Master of Science


Computer Science

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James Ames


The focus of this thesis is on Actual Entities, a concept created by the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, and how the concept can be applied to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a behavioral control method. Actual Entities are vector based, atomic units that use a method called prehension to observe their environment and react with various actions. When combining multiple Actual Entities a Colony of Prehending Entities is created; when observing their prehensions an intelligent behavior emerges. By applying the characteristics of Actual Entities to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, specifically in a situation where they are searching for targets, this emergent, intelligent behavior can be seen as they search a designated area and locate specified targets. They will alter their movements based on the prehensions of the environment, surrounding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and targets.


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May 2013