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Doctor of Philosophy


Public Policy & Administration

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Diehl McDougle Robyn


This study examines the effect of strain on youth drug use in Turkey. With its many unexplored fields, Turkey is a haven for social researchers. Adolescent crime and especially drug use is an important yet poorly studied subject in Turkey. Of the many correlates of youth drug use, strain as asserted by the General Strain Theory of Agnew (1985) is chosen as the main explanatory variable in this research. Using Youth in Europe (YIE) survey data administered to a representative sample of high school students in Istanbul City, correlates of marijuana, LSD, amphetamine and ecstasy use among adolescents are analyzed in this study. The logistic regression analyses reveal that, as hypothesized, strain operationalized by the negative life events experienced and having been exposed to physical violence, significantly affect drug use. In order to enhance our understanding of this significance and measure the magnitude of the effect controlling for the effect of other explanatory variables, Post simulation developed and advised by Long and Freese (2006) is used.


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May 2013