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Master of Fine Arts



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Toni-Leslie James


My concept is rooted in the fairy tail land of the dark woods like so many other terrifying fairy tails from my youth. Shockheaded Peter, our boogie man, is of the trees. The blood of the rotten children feeds the trees in this concept for the marbles that fall from our children literally representing blood will flow down the rake, across tin gutters, and into a huge tin washbasin out of which grows our gnarly set tree, a gnarly knobby willow. Peter comes from this tree that is fed by the blood of children. I set my costumes in the Regency period and located it in Germany, which gives my costumes the feeling of old fairy tails and their origins. The silhouettes lend themselves well to the progression of the story of each character. My inspiration for this design was the artwork of Elizabeth McGrath, contemporary west-coast studio artist and sculptor. The nature of Elizabeth McGrath’s seriously macabre sculptural installations drew me immediately to her as a source of inspiration for this design.


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May 2013