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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Photography and film

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Paul Thulin


This thesis explores my practice as it has progressed into video and video installation. I detail my use of cinematic tropes and mechanisms as they function within a spatial installation. I discuss the relationship of my work to other artists such as Pierre Huyghe, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, and Kevin Cooley who also deal with themes of landscape, spatial displacement, and video viewing. My work has evolved to video installation from a need to experience the traditionally flat viewing plane of photography in a more experiential way. The Locus installation is multi sensory, in that it addresses smell, sound, and vision. In my work, I employ methods such as obfuscated video and localized yet unconnected sound landscapes to consider notions such as the viewer’s self-awareness, fear of solitude, and the ‘other.’ I explore the other as a concept stemming from paranoia and anxiety of the unknown. This includes feeling an unfamiliar presence nearby or a known location that suddenly feels strange and unusual.


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May 2013

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