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Master of Fine Arts


Fine Arts - Ceramics

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Andréa Connell


Hissaar is a noun and a verb, it is the periphery and the extremities, and the walls and the fortress. And it is to encircle, to wrap and to contain. This paper is an inexhaustive account of thoughts, experiences and lessons learned, of varying forms that influence my aesthetic sensibilities, my art-value system, and my art- ethical concerns. They provide for my art the impetus for its perpetual (and perhaps circular) journey. It is about finding connections between the fraying ends of free floating ideas. The following fragments explores how words make ideas, ideas make images, images make memory; memory sets into architecture, architecture moves the body, the body needs pain and pain needs words.


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June 2013

Abdullah_Sohail_MFA_Sound_excerpt_from_Hissār.wav (292554 kB)
excerpts from sound created for thesis project titled Hissār in collaboration with Joseph Lattuada

Abdullah_Sohail_MFA_Portfolio.zip (533062 kB)
Compressed Folder. Complete portfolio detailing finished work and some photographs of process and experiments, including one sound work.

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