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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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Rebecca Segal


A system of ordinary differential equations is developed to model the effect of fatty acids on chronic intestinal inflammation that is typical of a Crohn’s patient. Several murine studies have shown an anti-inflammatory response when specific polyunsaturated fatty acids are included regularly in the diet. It is believed that the fatty acids serve as a specific ligand that activates the Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPAR) which is located on multiple cell types that are active in the inflammatory response. The binding of the PPAR results in a suppression of the inflammatory pathway. Results of the model indicate a muted inflammatory response when fatty acids are added regularly to the diet in mild to moderate cases of Crohn’s. Results of mathematical analysis show a stable fixed point with decreased inflammatory markers and pathogen levels when fatty acids are added regularly to the diet.


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July 2013