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Doctor of Philosophy



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Xubin He

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Meng Yu

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Weijun Xiao

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Preetam Ghosh

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Robert Klenke


The research that stems from my doctoral dissertation focuses on addressing essential challenges in developing techniques that utilize solid-state memory technologies (with emphasis on NAND flash memory) from device, circuit, architecture, and system perspectives in order to exploit their true potential for improving I/O performance in high-performance computing systems. These challenges include not only the performance quirks arising from the physical nature of NAND flash memory, e.g., the inability to modify data in-place, read/write performance asymmetry, and slow and constrained erase functionality, but also the reliability drawbacks that limits solid state drives (SSDs) from widely deployed. To address these challenges, I have proposed, analyzed, and evaluated the I/O scheduling schemes, strategies for storage space virtualization, and data protection methods, to boost the performance and reliability of SSDs.


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August 2013

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