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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


I enjoy driving in the city. It makes me feel minuscule against the skyscrapers and monuments. I wonder about who has lived in the city and admire the craftsmanship, the creative design, and the intelligence it takes to engineer and build these structures. The clean lines, geometric shapes, and surface textures of the buildings inspire my works. My obsession with construction and architecture has driven my creativity. In ceramics, I reflect on architecture when forming vases and jars. I hand-build and wheel-throw my pieces, and add surface texture and lines reminiscent of stone and brickwork. Only white and black glazes are used in order to focus attention on form. Groupings of these vessels are presented as cityscapes in pottery. In printmaking, I depict geometric, stylized buildings at skewed angles in vibrant colors. The contrast and harmony of man-made structures against nature are issues that interest me. In these stylized works, I hint at nature with the rendering of whimsical clouds and trees but the architecture remains the focus. In painting, I present the images using traditional techniques of realism. Architectural structures are arranged in a landscape format to emphasize the contrast between geometric and organic shapes. Like printmaking, I continue to rely on bold color choices to make an impact.


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November 2013