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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My work is about valuing the ordinary moments in life that can be described as joyful, difficult, beautiful, painful, or even transcendent. My creativity arises from a need to tell the story of these moments, and to share my experience with others. These moments are often evidenced by the objects we leave behind. They are a testament to the life we have lived, or are now living. My attention to small, ordinary details includes honoring and remembering people who have died. They may be artists, writers, friends, or family members but it is important to me to record the unique contributions they have made to this world. To tell my stories I work with clay, paint, wood, wire, photography, jewelry, books, and found objects. I incorporate text to tell the story of the piece. I layer objects and imagery to focus the viewer's attention on the mundane. I use found objects to serve as metaphorical evidence of the path we take. Many symbolic images also recur in my work, such as crows, gravestones, hands, and trees. Finally, I use grids to organize the structure of my pieces and help create a sense of order in the profusion of information. I want my art to be mindful, to elevate the ordinary, and to ask the viewer to join me in reflection on the human experience.


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November 2013