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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Experimentation is the beginning and end of all of my art. I examine the interactions of the materials that are involved in the journey of creativity. Typically, I begin a piece with an irregularly drawn line, using a white crayon to resist the media that I will later apply, thereby creating a negative line. This gestural line becomes an element that helps direct my intuitive mark-making. My process involves masking, using resists, and layering materials. I then remove the layers of media by scraping or sanding them away changing the texture of the paper. I am drawn to media that is unpredictable, difficult to control, and can be unforgiving. These qualities enhance the process of the experimentation because application of a pigmented mark cannot completely be erased. The resulting work reveals its history through the process of making it.


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November 2013