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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


My family has influenced my identity and motivated me to be creative as I navigate through my journey of self-exploration. In my photography and paintings I explore the visual and symbolic aspects of flowers. I photograph flowers and in turn use the images to help guide me when painting florals. I encompass the characteristics and symbolic meanings of each flower, creating paintings that highlight the qualities found in my relationships with others. Flowers and life do not last forever but in my work I try to keep memories alive. In my photography, I focus attention on the vibrant colors and small details of the flowers revealing their unique pigmentation and velvety soft petals. To emphasize these features of the flower, I scan and manipulate my images on the computer. I use these altered images as models for my paintings. In acrylic on canvas, I paint flowers in homage to my relatives. Certain flowers have symbolic meanings, such as roses that signify happiness or sunflowers that signify power. I use some of these traditional meanings and sometimes create my own implications when painting. Collectively, my family creates a colorful and vivacious bouquet.


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November 2013