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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


Artist Statement My artwork reflects elements of simple, everyday life. I find poignancy in people as they go about their daily business, children playing on the beach or an elderly woman at her kitchen stove. And, it’s not just people in whom I find intrigue. The creases and folds of crumpled, brown paper bags; fresh fish lying on crushed ice in outdoor markets; and household objects, such as chairs, irons, and wooden spoons are the types of things that are also evidence of daily life. In my work, I strive to replicate with both accuracy and emotion all of these things. In my paintings, I focus on objects and purposefully omit ancillary details. I use large brushes to paint the gestural lines of fresh fish or aging fruit. I use neutral colors to focus attention on content. In contrast, my ceramic sculptures are highly detailed. I sculpt and carve exacting and specific elements, such as the bones of a fish skull or the wrinkles and nail beds of aged hands. I want my work to communicate my world and offer viewers an opportunity to see something of their world as well.


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December 2013