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Master of Science


Counseling Psychology

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Micah McCreary


Conduct disorder is characterized by behaviors that take a large toll on the individuals, families, and communities afflicted. Thus, improving treatment effectiveness should be a high priority. Currently, common intervention programs do not address parental depression, even though it has been linked to adolescent conduct disorder behaviors in some studies. The current study assessed whether the relation between maternal depression and adolescent conduct disorder behaviors is mediated by another factor which has been linked to conduct disorder behaviors, maternal monitoring. Results did not support the hypothesized mediated association, but did show significant individual associations for both maternal depression and maternal monitoring with adolescent conduct disorder behaviors. Secondary analyses showed that adolescent age and household income were significantly related to maternal monitoring and maternal depression, respectively. Findings also suggested that child disclosure may drive the association between maternal monitoring and adolescent conduct disorder behaviors. Implications for intervention are discussed.


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December 2013