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Master of Science


Mathematical Sciences

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McLay Laura


In this thesis, we propose novel optimization and spatial queueing models that expand the currently existing methods by allowing multiple servers to be located at the same station and multiple servers to be dispatched to a single call. In particular, a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) model is introduced that determines how to locate and dispatch ambulances such that the coverage level is maximized. The model allows multiple servers to be located at the same station and balances the workload among them while maintaining contiguous first priority response districts. We also propose an extension to the approximate Hypercube queueing model by allowing multi-server dispatches. Computational results suggest that both models are effective in optimizing and analyzing the emergency systems. We also introduce the M[G]/M/s/s queueing model as an extension to the M/M/s/s model which allows for multiple servers to be assigned to a single customer.


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December 2013