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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark

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Sara Clark


Decisive moments and their fleeting experiences are born from an individual’s interaction within a defined physical space. It is here at the intersection of environment and context that my work in site-specific art begins. I endeavor to create an examination of socio-political and environmental issues through a manipulation of materials, thereby altering one’s private, communal, and cultural response to them. My installations are comprised of slip casted multiples which reference the human form. I place these forms in galleries and specific exterior locations, and incorporate materials that are charged with societal discord, such as used motor oil and post-consumer detritus, in order to still the blur of contemporary life. This allows for a contemplative pause that pulls into focus the effect of pursuing our individual wants and desires against the consequences of these pursuits on the larger society and environment.


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December 2013