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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Kurt Godwin


My art making approach has enabled me to focus on the connection between our anatomical makeup and the inner workings of the mind. It has been a journey to personally bridge the gap between the two and to make sense of the overlapping functions. Anatomical imagery has lent itself to my exploration into the topics of transformation and social interaction, and the emotions that are tied to these concepts. My body of work consists of mixed media and sculptural pieces. I make use of found objects such as vinyl records, rotary phones, and old black and white photographs. These items are considered to be outdated by modern standards but once had purpose and stories attached to them, as people do. Bright color schemes as well as the manipulation of these outdated objects brings a very experimental and playful approach to my art making. While integrating a variety of materials, I juxtapose objects and anatomical imagery to form my narratives on identity.


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December 2013