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Master of Arts


Art History

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Catherine Roach


This thesis project examines the history, provenance, and contemporary treatment of a rare Imperial Edition of Frederick Sander’s print collection Reichenbachia, Orchids Illustrated and Described, a high-quality orchid compendium dating to the late-nineteenth century. A local philanthropist loaned the Imperial Edition Reichenbachia, number 86 of 100 to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in 2011 on a long-term basis as a promised donation. Research into the origins of this collection involves several disparate historical topics, including the Victorian period of “orchid mania,” imperialist business practices, and chromolithographic printmaking. Discussion of the transition of this collection into a museum art collection covers its consequent registration, conservation, and exhibition. Finally, this thesis project considers the advantages and disadvantages of managing an art collection at a botanical garden.


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January 2014